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Women’s Wellness Event

April 4, 2009

By Lori Hanson

I’m off tomorrow to speak for another Women’s Wellness Event. I’m pleased to see so many of these events being offered. In a time when so many people are down, depress and worried about the economy it’s great that they are taking time out to nurture themselves with some fun and great information. And this one is filled to capacity. I’ll be in LaVerne, CA (my first time there).

I’m making great progress on my second book! And the cover design will be awesome. Stay tuned.

I have mucho work to do to get new blog up to snuff with all the bells and whistles and make it visually stimulating. But it will have to wait until next week. I’m putting the finishing touches on our new Secret Stepping Stones monthly coaching program which is set to launch April 15th from It will provide great information and inspiration on diet, nutrition, wellness, weight, eating disorders and stress management every month. Including our new Stories of Personal Empowerment interviews we’ve been doing.  The membership also includes great articles, affirmation cards and discounts on workshops and programs. Keep a watch out for more details.

I’m sharing a short  You Tube video posted earlier this week about how to reduce worry and fear in your life.  Have a great weekend and don’t stress out!


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