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Teen Secrets to Surviving & THRIVING is almost here!

April 12, 2009

teeBy Lori Hanson

It Started With Pop-Tarts 2.0: The Secrets to Surviving & THRIVING in Your Teens (now called, Teen Secrets to Surviving & THRIVING) will go to the printer this week. I was invited to come speak to Cherry Creek High School for Teen Awareness Week on April 24th and it gave me a great opportunity to finally write this book.

My first book, It Started With Pop-Tarts is really directed at individuals 18 and older as it’s more of a memoir style and includes career and marriage escapades that would bore the average teen. But the strategies for living a balanced life still apply. So I’ve developed what are now known as the Hot Pastry Principles to share these strategies with teens (and adults). The principles are:

  • Maintain healthy self-esteem
  • Have healthy coping skills
  • Know the power of your mindset
  • Why what you eat matters
  • Improve physical and mental health

Being a teen can mean being stressed out from school, SATs, schedules, after-school activities and pressure to perform. Too often sex, drugs, alcohol, depression, suicide and eating disorder are their impulsive answers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This book gives kids great advice on how to to deal with stress and all of the pressures of teenage life. It also includes a few life lessons from Sasha (my Malamute) and a chapter solely dedicated to things I know now that I wish I knew as a teen. I’ve included a few funny pictures and illustrations just to spice it up and make it fun.

The book is getting rave reviews from the first few teen readers and promises to provide inspiration, great information for them in learning how to balance their crazy sometimes over scheduled lives.

On another note. I hope to finish setting up my new blog this week. Writing the book has taken most of my time this past week. And I’m still trying to figure out how to import my other blogs over to wordpress from blogspot. Off to the races.



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