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Where Do You Need Help?

May 27, 2009

By Lori Hanson

We’re all looking for something. All searching for the missing link, the right puzzle piece, that one piece of information that when we find it will give us a quantum leap in life. Many people probably won’t admit it out loud, but I think everyone is searching for something. The internet significantly changed the way we search for information and put a lot more information at our disposal. But many times what we’re searching for isn’t just the information, it’s a connection. The trick is being open enough to recognize when the answer is right in front of you.

I heard something many years ago about problem solving that has always intrigued me, and more importantly, it works. If you have a problem you’re trying to solve, looking for information or need to do something and haven’t a clue how to pull it off you can enlist the power of your sub-conscious to help you. One way to do this is before you go to bed, drink half a glass of water. Think of the problem you want to solve, information you need, etc. and go to sleep. When you wake up first thing in the morning drink the other half of the glass of water. In most cases you will get your answer.

In The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy shares inspiring stories of how scientists used the power of the subconscious to get answers to problems, formulas and more. Belief that your subconscious will get you the answer is key. One of the scientists in the book described how often times he would dream of the answer.  Wake up jot it down and go back to sleep.  That’s powerful problem solving.

The subconscious never sleeps. It’s always working, executing what we’ve plugged in. Another great thing to do is create your to do list for the next day before you go to bed. Your subconscious will begin working on the list while you sleep – and no you won’t feel like you’ve worked all night! I’ve found this technique helpful for focus and knocking things out quickly the next day.

In addition to thinking about what you need help with, it’s also powerful as you’ve probably heard to visualize what you want. To take it one step further spend some time feeling what it would be like to have the answer, the information, the situation. Combining feeling with visualization and belief is the key to attracting things into your life you need to make it better, happier and more peaceful or exciting–as you desire!

So go ahead, experiment and see what your brain will do for you. Want to know more about how to get started? Go here now.


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