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Coaching Is the Key to Getting Where You Want to Be

September 30, 2009

By Lori Hanson

Do you have a dream? Something you want to accomplish in life? A new career, running a marathon, learning how to ballroom dance, losing weight, writing a book? Whatever it is there is most likely someone who is already successful at what you want to do. Maybe with a little different twist or maybe by doing exactly what you want to do.

One of the best things you can do to become great at what you want to do is to hire a coach. Think about it Oprah has a coach; Tiger Woods and even Jack Canfield have worked with coaches to reach their goals. Many of the people we admire who are great at what they do have coaches. In sports it’s a no-brainer athletes and teams have coaches. There are voice coaches, executive and business coaches, life coaches, marketing coaches, speaking coaches, media coaches, modeling coaches and more.

By working with a coach you can shorten your timeline to getting where you want to be. “But it’s so expensive,” you say. The investment in working with a good coach will quickly be returned. If your goal is starting a new business, the shorter you accomplish your goals the quicker your revenues will flow, allowing you to stay in business. If your goal is to improve your health or overcome an addiction, by investing in a coach you can eliminate thousands of dollars spent on medical costs and hours upon hours of non-productive spent worrying, and time spent on doctor visits, treatments, prescriptions and more.

Lastly, by working with a coach you’ll have a sounding board. Someone to help you evaluate new ideas who will help you adjust the rudder and tell you when to trim the sails to keep you on course by taking the shortest distance to your desired outcome. When you work with someone who’s been through the same scenarios before the advice is bankable and factual.

So the next time you set out to do something new or venture out to achieve your purpose in life. Take a little time, do some research and find a coach you really connect with. By investing in your future, you reap the rewards you were meant to receive.

Want to reach your destination now instead of later? Get on board with a coach who will get you there.


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