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What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)

January 23, 2010

By Lori Hanson

Truth be told, this is how most of us evaluate anything and everything we do. After all, what’s more important in life that taking care of your own needs, right? When you evaluate a buying decision, going to an event or party, contemplating a new job or doing volunteer work for an organization. The question whether it’s at a conscious level in your mind or not is always there.

If I take this job, will it bring me closer to my career goals? Will they pay me what I’m worth? How much vacation time will I get? Does their benefit plan provide good coverage? If I go to this party, will there be any cute guys? If I attend this networking event, will it be a good use of my time? Will I be able to make good business connections? If I get involved in student government will it make me more popular, or a better leader?

We’re raised to think this way. We watch our parents, teachers and role models do it from the time we can evaluate what they are doing. And after all you’ve got to take care of yourself first before you can provide for others, right? The issue that has evolved over recent years is that too many people have become enamoured with the “all about me” attitude to life. And this breeds a selfish, greedy and rude people.

What if, instead of evaluating everything with WIIFM, you include WIIFT (What’s In It For Them?) and you also consider what you can do to make someone else’s life a little easier. What you can do to make someone else smile and feel good. What if you go with your friend to a party or event they really want to go to – and don’t bitch about it? What if you go out of your way to send an email or make a call to introduce two people you know could benefit by knowing each other in business or personally? What if you look for opportunities where you can give back or help out without expecting anything in return?

It’s a New Year, a great time to try something new. By shifting the lens you’re looking through and considering What’s In It For Them you will open up the channels of generosity, gratitude, freedom and blessings in your own life. In many cases you’ll receive even more than you ever expected and be led down avenues you hadn’t even considered exploring. There’s a gold mine waiting for you just around the corner. Want to know how to find it?

Open your heart, start the day with gratitude. Instead of focusing on all the things you have to do and all the things that you just know aren’t going to go as planned. Spend a few minutes at the break of day to acknowledge and breath in the things you are thankful for. Even if you’re having financial difficulties, marital problems, fighting an addiction, or ill. Every day you wake you are here for a reason. Shift your focus be grateful for the challenges and obstacles you have in life. Each of these are presented as opportunities for you to learn and grow. Don’t let it just pass you by. What can you learn from this experience, what is the lesson? What can you take from this situation that will make you stronger, softer, wiser, more humble and what wonderful place will the knowledge of this experience take you to in life?

The best way to find what you want in life “What’s In It For Me?” is expand your tunnel vision to include “What’s In It For Them?”

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