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Can’t & Try: Two words we should eliminate

May 4, 2010

By Lori Hanson


If there is one word I could strike from the English language it would be this one. The only reason you can’t do something is because you tell yourself you can’t and you believe you can’t. If you change your dialogue and start talking not only about can do, but already having done something the impact will astound you. So give it a shot. Remove can’t from your vocabulary.


A close second is the word try. Ever have someone tell you they will try to come by your party or event? Do they show? No. Whenever you are talking to someone who says they will try to come by your house, or your party, or try to call you don’t count on it. It means you’re only penciled in and if something more important comes along you won’t see them.

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

You can have, do or be anything you want. There are no limits. Whatever you conceptualize in your brain, decide you want, visualize and believe firmly in, you can have. I spent so much of my life drenched in all the reasons I couldn’t do something or couldn’t have things I wanted badly. As I learned about the power of the subconscious, began to set and achieve goals I was blown away that I didn’t know this before.

Many athletes are tuned into visualization and practice through mental images. Three of my favorites are Andre Agassi (tennis) Tiger Woods (golf) and Michael Jordan (basketball). I love watching tennis and specifically Andre after his come back. Watching him get two sets down and suddenly get the determination in his eye that he could outlast the opponent and win the match was awesome!

Tiger Woods is incredible. There is no other way to put it. The concentration and drive he has to compete and win are unbelievable. He’s done some phenomenal things in his career most recently winning a tournament last year in a play off on Monday while grimacing in pain with a torn ligament. Then winning in his third tournament back this year. Tiger has a level of mental focus (and talent) that to me demonstrates the true power of focus and belief in yourself.

Then there is Michael Jordan. Most of you probably never saw him play in the early nineties but he was phenomenal. (I love sports by the way.) His drive to exceed and succeed were unmatched, scoring double-digit points on a night when he had the flu. And the number of games he had with triple-doubles! Amazing.

There are many sport stories that provide great demonstrations of mind over matter, the power of focus and what having belief in yourself can do.

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