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I Am Habit

July 5, 2010

By Lori Hanson

I recently came across this poem and truer words have never been spoken. It’s author is unknown.

I Am Habit

It is mighty hard to shake me, in my brawny arms I take thee, I can either make or brake thee – I am Habit

Through each day I slowly mold thee, soon my tightening chains enfold thee and it is with ease I hold thee – I am Habit

I can be both good and vile, I can e’er be worth your while, or the cause of your decrial – I am Habit

Oft I’ve proved myself a pleasure, provided myself a priceless treasure or a menace past all measure – I am Habit

Harmless thought I sometimes seen, yet my strange force is like a magnet, like a great and greedy dragnet – I am Habit

Though you sometimes fear or doubt me, no one yet has lived without me, I am present all about thee – I am Habit

Choose me well when you are starting, seldom is an easy parting, I’m a devil or a darling – I am Habit


This is why I encourage people to think carefully about the habits they are forming. “Anything the brain has done once it can easily do again,” Arlene Taylor.  Fortunately it takes only 21 days to lay the ground work for a new habit. Arlene also says “If you consistently follow a new behavior for 21 days and follow with a second 21 days your habit will be formally in place.”

And as I’m typing this “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is on the music channel I’m listening. Now that’s Universal synergy.

Get help changing your unwanted habits today.


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