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Finding Your Inner Voice

September 25, 2011

By Lori Hanson

I’m going to share something really special and personal with you in this blog. Ever since Yager died in March, Sasha has been adjusting. First to being alone, then to Stolle who we decided wasn’t meant to be with us long term after he attacked her a few times. And now back to figuring out her place in the pack and finding happiness as the only dog.

Life is a series of adjustments. Learning new lessons, taking on new experiences. It’s all about how you handle the situations that come your way that determine the outcomes, level of happiness and strength of your voice. So let’s consider things from the animal side of the world…one of my favorite ways to observe life!

Is your communication style loud, like a seal? As demonstrated here, they are notorious for being loud and pushy. I think we could even identify a bit of bullying in this style of communication watching my buddies at the Wharf in San Francisco.

Sometimes if you’re creative, you can communicate powerfully without saying a word. You’re using your inner voice, your message shines through and the person you’re communicating with gets exactly what you are saying.  Check out how this lion at the Denver zoo got his point across:

Sasha’s Search Continues:
Yager was nine years old when Sasha came to be part of our family. He had never howled before. He had never played before. He just took toys that Alta (his first sister) and I were playing with and went and laid down. The first thing little Sasha taught him was how to play together and share toys.

It doesn’t take much to figure out that I love wolves, arctic dogs and animals in general. One of the big. things I love about wolves and Malamutes is their “talking” and howling. So…one day while I was working, I heard something that blew me away. Sasha and Yager were outside howling together (Yager was half Malamute). She helped Yager find his inner voice.

Recently, during her latest period of adjustment to the new situation, Sasha has solicited my help in connecting with the call of the wild. (I’ve been telling my family about this and they have been waiting for proof and I finally captured it this week.) So in the morning, usually when I’m working out, we do a little duet and connect with our inner voice. Below you can hear both versions:

When’s the last time you took the time to connect with your inner voice? It’s in there waiting…

Need help finding yours? Check this out.

Coach Lori


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