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How’s Your Head?

January 8, 2012

When is the last time you stopped to think…about what’s going on inside your head? So many people spend day after day just running on auto-pilot and not really tuning in to what goes on inside. It’s easy to get caught up in the “To Do” list, doing homework, taking care of the kids, your spouse, meeting work demands, playing taxi and if you get a spare moment hanging out with your friends.

If you’re living this lifestyle you may have already convinced yourself that you “can’t” change things in your life. I knew someone who used to say, “I can’t help it, this is how I was raised.” Every time she said this, she reaffirmed it in her mind. And every time I heard it, I thought how sad that this person doesn’t have any desire to grow or change.

The good news is that everyone can change–and change can actually come easy. It’s the internal dialogue in your head combined with your beliefs are typically the issue.


Make an appointment to explore this question. Find a quiet place and spend 30 minutes on this exercise.

  1. Make a list. Start out with one or two things you would like to change
  2. Why do you want to make the change?
  3. What is the payoff for making this change in your life? How will it improve your life?
  4. Ask yourself (and be honest) what is stopping you from making these changes in your life. What excuses do you use that keep you stuck in your comfort zone? Excuses are ugly justifications for not doing something we know we can do
  5. Give consideration to what beliefs you may have had since birth are contributing to your lack of ability to make a change?
  6. Now close your eyes and picture yourself living your life with the change already in place. How does it feel? Be in the moment of having this change…like it’s a movie you’re watching…and you’re the star. How does it make you feel?

This exercise can be simple to complete if you spend just 30 minutes on it. The return on your investment of time will help you identify what’s going on inside your head and why you haven’t yet made this change. The process is easy…change is actually easy, you just have to want it and make it a high priority in you life. Then you’ll make the change.

In our next blog, I’ll share an example of how to work through the process with an example for you to relate to.

Send me an email and let me know how you did. And if you need some help figuring out how to make bigger changes in your life this year, we’re here to help.
Coach Lori
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  1. January 14, 2012 9:22 pm

    my husband and I definitely love your web page and believe you must have way much more subscribers than you do! pretty fantastic job and keep working!

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