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Do One Thing This Week

January 23, 2012

By Lori Hanson

Most people think change is difficult. And depending on your mindset it can be. Often when you want to make a change in your life, the first thing you do is think of all the reasons why it will to be difficult and paint that picture in your mind.

Then you decide that if you’re going to make a change you’ve got to do it perfect, and encompass everything about this one thing all at once. That often brings a feeling of overwhelm. So you decide you will “try” to make the change and are now you’re whipped before you’ve even started.

“Try” tells your subconscious mind that you are going to fail. Think about it. Have you ever asked someone to come to your party or do something with you and they said they will “try.” Did they show up? NO!

It only takes six weeks to establish a new habit. The best way to accomplish any change is to break it up into manageable pieces.

#1 – Set a goal. Why do you want this change? What is motivating it? Is the motivation strong enough for you to keep with it?

#2 – Decide to do one thing each week to bring about this change in your life.

#3 – Commit to doing one thing every day that will help you achieve your task for the week and stay on track.

Change your list and “to do” items regularly to keep you challenged and moving forward. If you miss a deadline, let it be okay. Put it back on the list and do it next time. Don’t beat up on yourself, but continue to push yourself to reach the goal. If it’s important enough to you, you’ll do it.

Recognize that sometimes if something isn’t happening for you that perhaps it isn’t the right time to make this change and let it be okay. If it’s really important it will come back to you and you’ll know when to tackle it.

In our next blog I’ll share a personal story of making a big change in my life and how I made it easy.

Go here now for help in making difficult change in your life come easy.


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