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Hurray Alec Baldwin (seriously!)

April 9, 2012

By Lori Hanson

If you’ve heard me speak or attended in any of tele-classes, you know I’m always talking about the sugar train. I bring this issue up every chance I get and in most every speech because nutrition is the foundation of a happy, peaceful, healthy and balanced life. And the sugar train is sure to take you down the road that leads to dis-ease, discomfort, moodiness and chronic complaints about life.

I talk about the sugar train regularly even though it isn’t a popular thing to do because most people don’t realize how much sugar they’re consuming on a daily basis. Sugar is toxic, sugar is addictive, just like a drug…and some even call it a drug. Sugar is hidden in many foods you consume unless you’re cooking real, whole food at home. (To raise your awareness, start reading labels.) It takes guts to change your habits and reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet. But the rewards are astounding.

I caught an episode of Letterman last week where he interviewed Alec Baldwin. Dave was asking him what he had done to lose weight. Alec said he found out he was allergic to sugar and had given up sugar, in all forms. My first thought was, “Hey love him or hate him, maybe a guy with this level of celebrity can help me make it cooler and wake people up about sugar.” So Hurray, Alec Baldwin!

I gave up sugar December 26th of 2011. I didn’t use much processed sugar in my diet before, but still had the occasional adult beverage. I knew the impact would be profound, but didn’t realize just how big it would be to my overall health and wellbeing.

I’ve had issues with my ear blocking up since I was a young girl. Once I dropped the sugar, I felt my ear clear up and I could hear better, I heard more subtleties. About a month after I quit, I noticed a whole new level of mental clarity and a strong connection to source energy (or God as you prefer). In part, just not having to make decisions about what to consume makes it much less dramatic.

I experimented a couple of times in March to see what would happen. And whammo, that first bit of sugar that comes in screams for more like it was just having the feeding frenzy yesterday. As I suspected it would. It took me a couple of weeks to let go, get off the sugar train again and get myself righted. But with my little experiment, it makes it even more clear how why I will stay on this path. My body has been telling me for awhile that it’s done with sugar and over it. Whenever I have any white flour, a vegan dessert or alcohol my body swells up. Kind of a no brainer.

Is living this way different than the norm? You betcha! Is it worth it? More than you’ll ever know, unless you try it. If you want to think better, feel better and BE better…give up your seat on the sugar train.

It’s funny, I spoke recently at a conferece in St. Louis to a room full of college students and one of the students commented that the information I shared as part of my speech as a “nutritional rant.” (Hmmm, must have hit a little too close for home for that person.) I gave the same speech two weeks later and lightened up on the nutritional piece to see how it would impact the college students in attendance and had a student came up to me afterwards and said, “I wish you would have talked more about nutrition.”

So I will continue to share this message which I believe is much more than important, in many instances, it’s truly a life saver. I’ll be sharing more on this topic, very soon.

For more information on how to reduce and eliminate sugar from your diet, go here now. You’ll find an easy way to make it happen.

Watch Dave’s interview with Alec.


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  1. seedplanting permalink
    April 24, 2012 7:50 am

    Reblogged this on Sugar Sensitive Mama and commented:
    This week I have been focusing a lot on the mental effects of cutting sugar. I was never someone who needed to lose weight, so why would I give up ice cream??? It was not until I realized that my struggles with contentment and communication stemmed from the effect of sugar on my mind. When that really hit me I finally stopped resisting giving up sugar and embraced this change. I was delighted at the effect it had on my health as well, but I wake up thankful every day that I no longer feel isolated. When I was on sugar I was always mystified that I could not get the emotional rants in my head to make any sense to my husband or anyone else. Now those rants are gone, and I struggle less with bitterness and resentment. I am not perfect, but I feel human and happy.

    I’m linking to a blog here that shares some of my sentiments, and a celebrity testimony of cutting sugar.

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