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Tools You Need to be the Comeback Kid

July 2, 2012

By Lori Hanson

In my last post I talked about three key ingredients you need to engineer a comeback. As promised, today we’ll dig a little deeper into each one.

1. Develop Mental Awareness

To further our discussion on developing mental awareness, first take a look around. What is working and what isn’t working well in your life? Take out a sheet of paper (or your iPad) and make a list. Include your career (or school), health, relationships at work, relationships at home and romantic relationships. How about finances? spirituality? rest and relaxation? and social life?

Take a good hard honest look and evaluate each area. These are the seven areas I feel we need to create balance in our lives. From time to time, one or more areas take over and some are left untended.

For each area where you want to make improvements (or know you should) make a list of three actions you can take to get the pendulum rolling. If it’s health:

Action #1 could be starting to go for a 20-minute walk to get some exercise.

Action #2 could be cleaning out the cupboards and refrigerator from foods that are making you sick and are unhealthy for you.

Action #3 could be taking 10 minutes at night before you go to bed to do some deep breathing, clear your head and repeat positive affirmations such as: I am healthy, happy and loving life! I am comfortable in my body. I consume only healthy and nutritious things.

2. Prepare and Train for Competition

Now evaluate what type of reps and training you’ll need to improve in the areas of life where you’re lacking. Maybe you’ve been working too much and feel stressed and worn out. What type of training do you need to get you back into shape and ready for your comeback?

Take Action: Stop and think about what things make you feel really good when you do them:

Do you like to sit outside on these warm summer evenings and listen to your favorite music?

Do you enjoy hanging out with the kids and family? Playing games?

Maybe you enjoy browsing in a bookstore, or taking a long bike ride?

Perhaps watching old movies on TCM (Turner Classic Movies)?

Or taking time for meditation by candle light?

Action #2 Plan some time each day to include these or your other favorite relaxing activities. Commit for the next 30 days and watch how it recharges you.

3. Believe

For many people this is the big one. Learning how to shift your beliefs to allow yourself to have a big comeback and achieve what you want. Here’s a few specific tips to help you believe in yourself and your comeback.

Action #1 – List the reasons why you don’t feel you deserve to have what you want.

Action #2 – List three reasons why the list above is simply not true!

Action #3 – Now list three reasons why you want what you want…make them compelling. How will it change your life? What will you do differently? How will it make you feel about yourself?

Action #4 – Write down your goal. Make it clear, measurable and simple.

Action #5 – Now rewrite your goal as a positive statement that you already have aka as an intention. Start your statement with “I am…”

Here are some samples:
“I am so happy and grateful, now that I’m enjoying a new job as head chef of _____.”
“I am so excited now that I’m driving through the country in my red Turbo Porsche.”
“I am so grateful now that I’m working full-time as CEO of my non-profit, dedicated to helping children and battered women.”
“I am happy, healthy and full of energy. I love my life and am living my purpose…(add your specifics here).”

ANYTHING is possible! Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.

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