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Are you loyal?

October 1, 2012

Loyalty. Not something you probably stop and think about very often is it? How loyal are you? What and who are you loyal too? Is there anything or anyone you would do anything to protect?

In the midst over being bludgeoned by political ads I started to ponder the thought. And last week when I went to the car wash I was reminded about just how loyal Sasha (my Malamute) is. Something else you don’t think about on a daily basis. But in this scenario she was tested and wasn’t digging it. As they opened the back of my SUV to clean her nose marks off the windows and remove the rest of the floating dog hair, she started talking (as only a Mal can). She looked at me, looked at them and although I reassured her that I had asked them to clean it she wanted to get over there and get them out of the way. It made me smile to see her loyalty in full display and her need to protect our space.

That type of loyalty and protection really makes you feel good. But, we also have the ability to give and share it with other people (and causes) in our life. If we were talking over a cup of joe and I asked you what people or causes you feel loyal to, there would no doubt be at least one or two that would be on the tip of your tongue. But if you contemplate it for a day or two and dig a little deeper, you might discover there are some causes that matter a great deal to you.  What are they?

Get in touch with what you feel passionate about it.

Coach Lori

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  1. Mrs Morgans Class permalink
    October 10, 2012 8:11 pm

    I have watched Martha grow into an amazing young woman. Her strength and honesty will inspire many girls who struggle with ED. Great job!

    Love, Aunt Wezie

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