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Synchronicity is more than coincidence

December 12, 2012

By Lori Hanson

How often do you experience synchronicity in your day-to-day life? You know, that thing that happens that is just perfect, at the perfect time and either completely unexpected, or something you were looking for that blows you away when it shows up?

It feels incredible when it happens doesn’t it? Back when I was living in California, I had the idea of creating a personal power necklace. I had been to a store and picked up some supplies and tried out a few ideas, but I wasn’t convinced that I had created “it” yet.

A couple of days later, I went to a women’s seminar and met a gal walking in from the parking lot. We spoke for as we walked and ended up sitting together. When we got a minute to make our introductions to each other I almost fell out of my seat when she told me she was a jewelry designer. Within three weeks of that meeting, I had my personal power necklaces designed and ready to share with young girls and their moms.

That one synchronistic event saved me hours of trying to create something I really knew nothing about. And the end product was more elegant than I had planned, yet still hip and cool and carries a great message because we made it from hematite.

Synchronistic events and meetings happen in my life on a regular basis. If you have studied Quantum Physics you are probably aware that our thoughts create our reality. That means, that whatever you’ve got your focus on, whatever you’re turning over and over in your mind is what your subconscious works to get for you. Our subconscious mind is a goal seeking missile. Whatever the focus, visuals and thoughts are, it will work tirelessly to bring to reality….whether it’s good or bad.

And in my experience, the events that are filled with synchronicity happen when I’m focused on a goal, or a new project I’m working on. They happen when I need an answer to how to approach something, or create something new. I believe it’s also very closely tied to trusting my gut…my intuition. For if I didn’t tune in and listen, I would miss the opportunity. It’s a great way to eliminate stress from your life, tuning in to your gut, focusing on the end result you want…and watching for when and how it shows up.

If you want to learn more about how to live intuitively, from the heart I’m here to help. Email me. You can make 2013 an incredible year.

Be well. Live BETTER.


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