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December 20, 2012

By Lori Hanson

Life can be so much easier than we make it. When we are babies it’s so simple:

Tayler baby

Hungry? Cry
Diapers wet or dirty? Cry
Happy? Smile, coo and giggle
We communicate what we need and want clearly.
There are no  politics or hidden agendas or self-limiting beliefs when you’re a couple of months old.

As we grow up and begin to collect the experiences of life based on  our interactions with other children and adults we start to form opinions and beliefs based on the experiences we’ve had. And if we experienced something more than once or twice, it will quickly be locked away in the data bank as a belief. This builds the foundation of our belief system that makes us firmly rooted in self-confidence or insecure, timid and full of self-doubt.

If no one ever made fun of you in grade school or called you names – how different would you be?

If no one ever harshly criticised you for your ability to read, spell, or complete a complex homework assignment – how different would you be?

If your teacher(s) had compassionately said, “I see you’re having some difficulty with this, let me help you to make it easier.” How different would you be?

If you never felt judged – how different would you be?

If you had succeeded at everything that was important to you – how different would you be?

It’s just a collection of experiences in our lives that show up to mold and shape us into the men or women we’re here to be. You can let the experiences shut you down, or you can find a way around, over or under the obstacle knowing that the solution is there.

Experiences create our reality. My mentor, Bill Harris talks about the internal map of reality we each have in our brains, based on our experiences. We filter, distort and generalize information to fit our map, or experiences in life. The input comes in pure, we shape it to fit what we believe. And by so doing, make things turn out the way we expect them to, time and again.

If you don’t like something that is happening in your life, you can get different results by shifting your beliefs. If  “_____ always happens.” Start telling yourself that this is the way it was – up until now. A little phrase I learned from Jack Canfield years ago. If you’ve always had a hard time managing your money or paying your bills, add the phrase “Up until now…” before you say it. This opens the door for you to create a new belief about life.

Once you open the door to a new belief, you create space for that new belief to manifest or happen. In essence you begin to create new circumstances parallel to your new beliefs. It’s a matching principle. There is nothing else.

If you don’t believe in yourself or your ability to do something today, the easiest way to change that belief is to create a new statement or affirmation and repeat it over and over and over again. At first you won’t believe it when you say it, but over time you’ll begin to believe and be empowered by repeating the affirmation. It’s powerful stuff, and much more simple than we make it.

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