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Create space for new experiences in your life

January 8, 2013

By Lori Hanson

Would you like to experience some new things this year? Wouldn’t it be fun to break up the monotony and have the opportunity to view life from a different vantage point because something has changed? Ah, there’s that word again…change. It’s really not a bad word, it just gets a bad rap. I’m a firm believer in the adage that variety is the spice of life. Routine and structure are good, but they also get boring after a while.

One thing that affects your ability to attract and experience new events in your life is how much old stuff you’re carrying around with you. Think about it, are you surrounded by baggage that you may not be consciously aware of? We are all energy beings. We emit and attract energy that matches ours, kind of like a tuning fork.

If you carrying around hurt, frustration and anger about a previous (or existing) relationship, a job that went south, being unemployed for a long-time, or the feeling that your life just isn’t what you want it to be, you likely won’t see a lot of new, fun, wonderful things show up. That’s because you are surrounded in energy that is negative and holding you in the place where you’re at.

One way to shake things up and change your energy is to do some house cleaning. Are there things you are physically holding on to that need to be released? Is the garage, basement or other rooms in your home a mess? Have you “been gonna” clean them up for weeks, months, years?

By throwing out or giving away those extra things that cause clutter and make you constantly feel you need to clean up, you will create space for new situations and opportunities to show up in your life.

By doing some house (or room, or drawer) cleaning you will experience spaciousness, a feeling of freedom and new objectivity in your attitude and outlook on life. (Plus, once you’ve cleared out those old clothes you never wear and donated them to someone else, you’ll have space for a new outfit that makes you feel wonderful.)

Schedule 30-60 minutes this week to clean up something in your physical life that needs it and watch what happens.


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