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January 12, 2013

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? And more importantly what do you do when you’ve hit a roadblock or obstacle to getting to your desired destination? It’s important to have numerous tools to keep you motivated so when you hit a snag you have somewhere to turn to get yourself back on track again.

Here’s a few ideas that may help you:

M – Find a mentor.

O – Be open to new directions. The outcome may be different that what you had planned.

TTalk about your dreams and goals. Let people know what you’re going to accomplish.

I – Get inspired on a daily basis. Keep books, mottos, audios and videos close by to help.

V – List the value that reaching this goal or completing this task will bring to you and others.

A – Use affirmations to help you stay focused on your goals and keep them top of mind.

T – Set timeframes you can meet. Break the task down into pieces that are easy to do.

IInterview someone who is an expert at what you want to do. Be creative with their input.

OOwn the goal or task you are doing. Take full responsibility for everything that happens.

N – Take a new approach to solving issues. Everything that happens is an opportunity.

By having numerous ways to get feedback and input on your project as you work toward your goal you can minimize downtown, doubting and definitely stay on track so you get there as fast as you want to.

If you need help setting and reaching your goals. Contact us.


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