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Stressed out Students in the Greek Community

February 8, 2013

By Lori Hanson

Every time I have the opportunity to speak to college students I am always blown away by the amount of stress these kids are carrying. I am a regular speaker at AFLV Conferences (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values).  And again this year, the tune is in the same key. These Greek students are pushing themselves to overachieve, to fit in and to carry all the responsibilities that go with being in college and being part of a community that expects more.

Sure, you may think all Greeks just party, cause issues and trouble. But what I’ve found over the past four years in talking with them is they really want more than what comes out in the media. And every time there is negative press from someone, or some frat party that didn’t think before they acted it causes even more stress on the community. Because now there is yet another “thing” they have to live down.

Whether you’re Greek or not, if you’re a college student you’re more than 85% likely to feel stress on a daily basis. Unfortunately 6 of 10 students feel so stressed that they can’t even function. So they just shut down. That’s where the unhealthy habits and young brains get into trouble because they’re looking for a way to numb out and hide the pain.

By giving them skills and techniques they can use to deal with the stress, take a deep breath and move forward—they’ve got a chance a developing better habits that can last a lifetime. If they don’t learn how to deal with stress while they’re in college it will only get worse as they enter the workforce, get married and have families.

There is a lot of emphasis on drug and alcohol abuse, but not early enough focus on what is causing it…the stress caused by the desire to fit in, or numb out and hide. The manifestation of the stress can lead to drug and alcohol, it also leads to eating disorders, cutting, promiscuity, abusive relationships and more. This isn’t a single path these students are following. They head in whatever direction feels good when they don’t.

Isn’t it time we invested in the health and welfare of our youth? Our future depends on their ability to deal with stress and life. The more skills and techniques they have, the easier it will be for them to make a difference and have an impact in their lifetime.

Contact us to bring one of these programs to your campus:

  • Living on Ramen and Redbull: The Stress Survival Kit™ for College Students
  • B. A. L. A. N. C. E. Find out where it is for ME
  • ANYTHING is Possible: Once you upgrade your operating system

Help your students learn how to “Be well and Live Better.”


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