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Who do you love?

February 9, 2013

by Lori Hanson

It is getting closer to Valentine’s Day. A time when many hearts and minds turn to love. It is the busiest day of the year for most flower shops and it’s estimated that 58 million pounds of chocolate is consumed (worth $345 million) A day when many lovers head out for a special dinner and spend time together to celebrate their love.

For “singles” it can be a painful time because they are alone (or relief). Regardless of your vantage point on Valentine’s Day, it will always make you think about love whether the memories are happy or sad.

All the fanfare of this commercial holiday reminds people to buy cards, roses and do something for that special someone in their lives. But there is something missing in this equation. Where is the “Celebrate You” day? We need a national holiday where people celebrate love and acceptance for themselves!

Think about it. How much different would our world be, if everyone you knew had healthy self-esteem and not only accepted , but loved themselves? It would be a monumental change! Can you envision a world without low self-esteem? What a wonderful place it would be to live. A world filled with people who were real and lived authentically instead of letting their ego’s run the show? They would have nothing to prove.

It might seem hard to fathom because we all know someone who is an egomaniac, annoyingly narcissistic, a drama queen or just so negative it’s difficult to be around them. But there is only one person over whom you have control, only one heart that you can make or break by the perceptions and beliefs you carry in your head. Only one person who can truly flourish, succeed and thrive to find happiness because of the love you have for them. And only one heart that you can make a true lifetime commitment to whatever happens…and that’s you.

So in the midst of this Valentine’s Day, don’t be sad or depressed if you’re alone, don’t get completely lost in the moment of romance with the love of your life. Take a few minutes to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the incredible person you are – and all that you’ve done, or will do. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a purpose…and that makes you incredibly special. Remember to say “I love you” to the special person you’ve lived with since the day you were born.


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