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Who died and left the media in charge?

May 30, 2013

By Lori Hanson

I mean seriously! Do you realize how much information you get through the media? And how often do you question whether it is valid, true information? What bother’s me the most is all the judgment that’s made and how that seeps into everyone’s mind. This topic has been on my mind for a good week after seeing a steady stream of negativity every time I open my browser window (I don’t watch the news). Do you filter the information you see or just soak it up?

Think about the impact all this negativity has on daily life. We’re fed pictures to judge whether someone’s outfit is a win or a miss, we are fed images of people who are attempting to take a private vacation, but through the wonders of the telephoto lens we get to have a sneak peek at what they are doing and wearing – or not. And someone decided this is all okay.

I understand that when you sign up to be a celebrity and put your name on the dotted contract that you agree to make your life an open book to the public – or at least as much of it as the paparazzi can get a hold of. But everyone makes mistakes. Every teen does stupid stuff, it’s part of growing up. So I often wonder, if we turned the cameras around and the photos and stories featured the media players, the photographers that take all the pictures that embarrass people and invade their private lives, what we see and would they be embarrassed? I highly doubt any of these people who stand in judgment every day of others are perfect.

I’m not just talking about celebrities here, when a “story” breaks the media and cameras are looking for the bitter pill, the storyline that will really get the audience and if they can bring a tear to the eye of someone they interview,  touchdown! What a sad state of affairs we live in that everyone is out to expose the bad and catch someone in the act.

When my first book came out, I was interviewed by Paul Sladkus on the Good News Broadcast. He started the program because like me, he was so annoyed with all the negativity in the world he wanted to have a place where only good news was shared. Yay Paul!

The bigger problem here is that thoughts and information have a vibration, just like a tuning fork. And negative thoughts have a lower vibration than positive thoughts. Add to that how our subconscious mind works from images and that the thoughts we have in our subconscious mind. Our thoughts are like little workers, working hard to bring forth what we see, think about and focus on. Hmmm…

I stopped watching the news years ago. I just always felt so crappy after watching, it brought me down. I will occasionally turn it on just to see if it’s possible they can open a broadcast with positive, uplifting stories. But it isn’t the case. The worse possible thing you can plug into your brain before you go to sleep at night is the news. All night your subconscious mind will be chewing on the negative news and images you saw. If we didn’t have so much news coverage of tragedies, there would be less, period.

So whether you’re in the habit of taking in the nightly news, watching the tabloid shows that bash celebrities and judge who is losing weight and who is gaining or wait is that a baby bump? Think about it. What we focus on expands. If you take in a lot of negativity, you’ll find a lot of negativity in your life. If you take in happy, healthy, motivating things, it facilitates your ability to be positive and achieve great things.

Which would you rather have in your life, drama and depression or happiness, fulfillment and excitement?


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