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Do you budget for high quality food or medical bills?

July 10, 2013

By Lori Hanson

What do you think about when you prepare your budget? What line items on there on the list if you manage your budget proactively? Most people don’t budget for unexpected medical bills. It would look out-of-place as a line item:

Mortgage $1200
Car Payment $500
Insurance $125
Unexpected Medical Bills $1500
Utilities $150
Gas $200
Fast Food $250
Restaurants $300

But many people are subconsciously creating a line item in their budget for unexpected medical bills because they think they can’t afford to buy good healthy food. I’ve heard the argument many times, how fast food is so much less expensive, especially if you have a family. Well, not necessarily. Not when you consider the amount of toxins that are being poured into your body.

I’ve spoken a lot about gut health in the past couple of months. Your digestive tract and colon are the foundation of your health or the breeding ground for disease. And it all starts with the quality of nutrition you put in your body. There’s an old programmer term “Garbage in, garbage out.” Well that is also true for the body.

It’s not possible to consume fast food, processed sugar, alcohol, fatty meats and dairy products without seeing the impact on your health. I have a list a friend who shared with me the list of 141 ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health. Unless you are aware of what sugar is doing to your body, you may be happily savoring the sweet taste of the cookies, candy, cakes, chocolate and high-sugar fruits without understanding the damage it is doing to your body.

The fact is that you can purchase whole foods, whole lean meats, beans, legumes and fresh fruits and fit them into your budget. If you purchase organic you’ve jump pumped up the volume on the nutrients and minerals in the whole foods you’re consuming.

The ROI (return on investment) is much bigger with whole foods than fast food and most restaurant food. When you start to add up the sick days missed at work, the time you spend going to the doctor for colds, flu, sinus infections and the chronic pain that won’t go away it begins to offset the beauty of buying cheaper food. When you gain weight, can’t exercise, have headaches, fuzzy thinking and have no energy, it tips the scale of ROI negatively against you. I’m just scratching the surface. We can add in IBS, allergies, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, PMS all can be reduced and some alleviated by changing your nutritional intake.

I have a client who came to me for help with stress. The first thing we addressed was her nutrition. She thought I was nuts, but was so stressed out she decided to give it a shot and was blown away by what started to happen in her life. As she began to eat whole foods and gave up pre-packaged Starbucks sandwiches for lunch and 7-11 stops for breakfast her skin changed, her energy changed and her outlook changed.

Then she went on a 28-Day Cleanse that we customized for her. Eliminating foods that are toxic to the body. Her IBS disappeared, her work problems became easily manageable and the weight she’s been wanting to lose, started to drop off easily. In the beginning she couldn’t wait to get back and have some of her favorite poor quality junk foods. In the end, she decided she was much happier without them as was her digestive system.

The quality of the food you eat affects your entire body, which in turn affects your entire life. Your emotional state, physical state, ability to conceive of new ideas and reach them, and the confidence to step out of the comfort zone and try something new. So the next time you put together your grocery list, think about what you’re budgeting for high quality nutrients that will keep you healthy and well-balanced, or unexpected medical bills.

Contact us for more information about the 28-day cleanse.


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