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Are you FREE?

July 17, 2013

By Lori Hanson

What is the quality of your life today? Do you feel FREE or do you feel like a slave to your job, family, errands and deadlines? Do you plan for and determine the outcomes in your life or do you ride along on autopilot and let them happen to you?

Do you get upset about things that happen? Or do you go with the flow knowing that everything that is happening in your life happens for a reason and it’s all good? The events in our life happen for a reason, there are no accidents.

If bad things keep happening to you take some time and contemplate the following questions:

What thoughts are going through your head on a regular basis?
Do you complain a lot?
Do you constantly talk about lack of money or other resources in your life?
Do you gossip and talk negatively about other people?
Negativity has serious consequences and they probably aren’t the results you were looking for.

Our brains are goal seeking mechanisms. Whatever thoughts you are holding in your mind. whatever images you are seeing in your head are what your brains are working on connecting for you. Like attracts like. If all you think about is what you don’t want to happen and you spend time and energy worrying about, being afraid about what you don’t want to happen, guest what? You are sending out the message that is contrary to what you say you want.

Our thoughts are like little workers out there looking for the matching “7” for the card you just turned over the left side of the card match game. Every thought carries a vibration, negative thoughts have a lower vibration than positive thoughts do. Don’t believe me? Try this experiment for two days.

Day one
1. Wake up and say thank you for the breathe of life to live another day.
2. Take twenty minutes to write a list of everything you are thankful.
You can include your health, running water, the food you eat, the transportation that gets you where you need to go. You career, job, school or the free time you have if you’re unemployed.
3. Count up how many things you added to your list.
4. Rereas the list and feel genuine gratitude for everything you have in your life.
Tip: When you experience genuine gratitude you may feel tingly, you may be moved to tears, you may jump up and down with excitement.
5. At the end of day one before you put your head on the pillow make a list of all the things that happened to you today. There will be many positive events and a few cool surprises that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Day Two
1. Wake up and complain about having to get out of bed so early
2. Scream at the traffic on your way to work.
3. Get pissed off at your coworkers for leaving an empty coffee pot without making more.
4. Find every little thing you can to complain about.
5. Process something over and over in your head that makes you angry.
6. Think about what you would like to say to the son-of-a-bitch that caused you all this heartache…

Be careful – this practice has consequences!
You may get in an accident on your way to work.
You may spill coffee on your new dress or tie.
You might even have a fight with your spouse or kids before you leave for work because you are in such a negative place.

How does thinking and acting this way make you feel?
Unfortunately many people go through every day like this.
It makes your blood boil, increases your blood pressure, creates toxins in your body and contributes to ulcers, stress, headaches and the need for comfort food, alcohol or cigarettes.

7. When you are ready, stop complaining and shift your focus to what you have to be grateful again and notice what happens in your body and mind.

It looks obvious when you read it, does it? Hopefully just from reading this you’ll see why you don’t want to attempt to intentionally create a bad day. Instead, decide to be more conscious and observe the behavior you follow on a daily basis.
Listen to what you tell yourself.
Listen to the stories you repeat over to friends and colleagues. Is what you talk about uplifting, does it make you feel good?

This exercise is a great eye-opener on how to become more conscious, live on purpose and create the results you want in your life. But if you want to be an “A” student, learn it quickly and dramatically turn your life around.
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