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Powerful Women, Incredible Cause

July 24, 2013

One of the reasons I enjoy doing events for women is that it gives me the opportunity to do a bunch of fun things. My inner party planner comes out. And this conference is no exception. We’ve already had some serious raffle prizes donated by our sponsors and speakers and there are more gifts that I’m not going to share today.

But the best part about doing an event like this is that it gives me the opportunity to raise money and support a great cause. A portion of the proceeds from our women’s retreat will be donated to SafeHouse Denver to help provide shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children. And our raffle will add to that. I’ve had several conversations with the women at SafeHouse and am blessed to have the opportunity to share with them as part of this conference.

Here’s another video to tell you more about our speakers at the event, Theresa Byrne and Dr. Caroline Smith. Two women who are focused on empowering other women and just like me, helping them to improve their quality of life. Watch now.

Register now to join us. You’ll save money on your investment when you register before July 25th.  Go here now for more details.

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