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See it, Feel it, Be it

July 31, 2013

By Lori Hanson

What is it you really want? Is it something you want to do, something you want to have, someone you’d like to be? What is it that really excites you when you think about it? (If you haven’t figured that part out yet, start by making a list of all the things you enjoy.)

One of the best gifts you get in life is to be creative. Without using your incredible imagination to dream dreams of wonderful events, careers, travel and vacation, and even helping other people you’re missing out on huge life benefits.

The way your incredible brain is wired is to support you in setting goals, visualizing and attaining them. In short, your brain is a goal seeking missile. By using your creative imagination you can explore new territory you never thought possible. You learn a new musical instrument, take up a new hobby, or like I did five years ago, leave the corporate world and start your own business. Mine was to share what I learned in my personal journey to inspire other people to improve their quality of life.

When I first contemplated writing lyrics for songs all I knew was it seemed like a really cool thing to do and  great way to express yourself. I had no sense of meter and relied heavily on a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus. After mechanically working my way through the first two songs I started to get a feel for it and lyrics just flowed to me.

I had no idea when I started to write lyrics that it would lead to writing a book. And when my first book was published, I didn’t expect I would write another one and now I’m finishing my fourth.

The first time I was booked to speak for a women’s event, I had no video or testimonials, just a passion for what I wanted to do and a message to share. I got booked to speak because of my passion. The passion came from the vision I had created and the feeling it gave me when I thought about doing it. Very simple steps. At times it felt like it was manifesting quite slowly, but then you turn around one day and notice how much has happened and wonderful it is to have achieved your goal.

Do you want to do something bigger? Something different? Something fun? Get a clear picture in your mind of what you want (see it), spend at least five minutes a day visualizing what it is like to already have what you want (feel it) , be in that moment (be it).

If it’s a new house, imagine the way you’ll set up the furniture, the nice friendly neighbors next door, the beautiful flowers you planted over the weekend. Sit in your new kitchen and enjoy a cup of tea. Change the picture every day and add something new, keep it real. Be thankful and express your gratitude in your visualizations for having achieved your desired goal. See it, feel it, be it…and the next thing you know you’re  manifesting your goal.


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