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Come Back to the Land of the Living

August 7, 2013

By Lori Hanson

Are you one of the millions of people that is a walking zombie, totally zoned out? It’s difficult to keep pushing where you aren’t even really there because you’re on overload. I was at a luncheon today and the speaker talked about the number companies that cut employees back in ’08 and asked their employees to do more with less, and how they now have gotten used to functioning that way and she doesn’t expect it to get better. Well that’s a fine how-do-you-do isn’t it?

If you are caught in the corporate trap as several of my clients are who at times feel like they can’t win because of the workload, pressure, drama and politics that is part of every day life I feel for you (been there), it isn’t easy. Add to that a family, family issues, no time for yourself and how do you stop to take a breath?

The truth is that no one can function with 24×7 pressure for very long. Sure you can handle it for short periods of time to get over the hump or to finish up a project, but our bodies aren’t made to be bludgeoned day in and day with constant activity, crappy food, too much alcohol and little rest. If you push the pace beyond what you’re capable of, the wheels will start to fall off and you’ll get sick or hurt or maybe even do something totally stupid because you’re not really there and not paying attention.

If this sounds like your pace recently, it’s not late to make a change and reclaim your life, you know the one you are supposed to be living? Think about it, every day that you zombie out, every day that you hover through on auto-pilot is a day of your life that you missed out on because you weren’t really there.

Come Back to Life

Make a list of nine things that are really important to you. Then ask yourself how many of them you are doing on a daily or weekly basis. If the answer is not very many, it’s time to reset your GPS. Start with your daily and weekly calendar. Create some new guidelines for what you do and when, schedule in time for workouts, dinner with friends and family, and time to enjoy the outdoors while the weather is still nice. Whatever is on your list. Once you add things back into your schedule that are important to you, you’ll begin to live your life again.


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