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Feeding the hungry soul

December 4, 2013

By Lori Hanson

Thanksgiving has come and gone. People fed the hungry beast, over stuffing food into their system to indulge in all the holiday goodies. The pace has increased since then; stores opened on Thanksgiving night, seriously—is that really necessary? Who wants to shop after hanging out watching football all day and eating too much? Not my thing. But on the race goes from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, they want us to spend, spend, spend and then they’ll have a marker for the economy. Something else to fill us up with—information to sway you one way or the other based on what it says.

If you get your fill from all of the outside sources that are attempting to feed you, there’s a chance that you’ll continue to be hungry even after consuming a big meal. The issue is what’s being served. Most of what we hear, see, smell and feel these days doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Our senses have been dulled, by overstimulation.

Constant overstimulation by your cell phone, laptop, iPad, TV, texting, tweeting, instagramming, hanging out on the Vine to watch videos and whatever the latest techno toy is. I heard a four-year old child ask Santa for an iPad over the weekend. What? That’s just plain crazy.

The reason you can’t clear your head, don’t sleep well and have pain and discomfort in your body is because you aren’t feeding it what it needs. But that is still the physical state.  There is a hunger that is deep inside you that longs to be fed on a daily basis. Do you listen? Do you connect with and feed your soul? Do you take ten, thirty or sixty minutes a day to be still? Do you meditate and contemplate the events in your life? Do you meditate and seek the answers for the issues you face today? Do you stop and remember to “be” every day? Being takes no action, no To Do List and no guilt trips.

You were born a human being; you had it mastered in the beginning. You lived intuitively and acted on what felt right. If you were hungry you made it known and ate, when you were tired you slept and when you were happy you giggled and smiled to the delight of the older beings in the room. But then you learned that there were things to do, things that had to be done—obligations and emotions to deal with (yours and others) and you got busy.

The soul is who you are; it is life without it there is no you. Why then do you spend so much of your life in hiding, numbing out through addictions, work and rotten relationships and ignore what is authentic and true in your soul? If you want to experience peace, happiness and joy in your life take the time to make the connection and feed your hungry soul. The rewards are far beyond what you ever imagined could be possible.


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