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Blasting the Blahs

February 26, 2014

By Lori Hanson

Do you ever hit times when you just don’t care? No matter what needs to happen, you don’t really want to do anything? And intellectually you know you need to do x, y and z, but you just can’t get yourself motivated to act? Or you get started and can’t stay focused because your mind is all over the place and totally distracting you?

This can be linked to your mood neurotransmitters. When you have the blahs and are in a lethargic funk it’s probably due to the fuel tank being low. It happens to me primarily in the winter. I’m good during the summer, but by January when I’m sick of short days and cold weather I tend to get real unmotivated. All I want is my blankie and the couch.

Fortunately ever since I learned about how to rebalance my brain chemistry I know when it’s time to get some amino acid supplements and refuel my Catecholmines. Or “cats” as they are affectionately called.

This isn’t a depressed state like you can’t get out of bed or are suicidal, it’s just a time and space where you can’t focus and can’t get motivated. This year was especially hard for me because I lost Sasha in October, so the grief of losing my girl so young combined with the winter really tanked me.

A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to refuel the tank. I got the amino acids I needed to boost my cats and was relieved to see within one day I was feeling better. By three days I was back in the basement hitting my am workout and within a week was feeling like myself again. It doesn’t take long because I stay on top of it. When you’re thoroughly depleted it takes a little longer to refuel and restore balance to your brain and moods.

Some people are skeptical…there’s no need to be. Our brain needs twenty-two amino acids to function. Using natural amino acid supplements you’re simply providing the brain with fuel. It’s not a medication, it isn’t toxic like medications and it will make you feel better naturally. (An anti-depressant essentially makes your brain think it’s got the serotonin it needs, but it doesn’t boost your serotonin levels. )

If you’re feeling lethargic, craving carbs in the afternoon, feeling really sensitive (crying a lot) and stressed out, it could just be that your mood transmitters are depleted and need a boost. If you’re ready to feel like yourself again, contact us for an appointment to learn more about how you can restore your moods naturally. Email or call us today, 720-346-4640. It’s time to feel good about yourself!


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