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Are You a Patient Waiter?

March 14, 2014

By Lori Hanson

You’re tapping your fingers on the table, your knee is bouncing up and down and all you can think about is getting the news, the phone call, or an email that will give you the answer you’ve been waiting for. It will change your life and you can’t wait.

During the “waiting” period how patient are you? What goes on inside that head of yours during the process? Did you do all your homework up front? Did you present yourself in the best way possible? Do you know in your heart without a doubt it’s time for you to get the lead in this movie or play because it’s your time? Have you spent years building your career to get this promotion to Vice President of your division? Maybe you’re just waiting for the plus or minus sign on your pregnancy test.

Regardless of what you’re waiting for it is important to be conscious of what you are thinking about during the process. What are you feeling and what images you are seeing over and over in your mind? Do you imagine hearing the phone ring, answering it and the voice at the other end saying, “We are ready to extend an offer to you for…?” And in that moment (in your imagination) you picture yourself on the phone quietly doing a fist pump and saying “yes!!!” in silence as you quietly leap from your chair? You can feel your heart pounding as you gather yourself to make an intelligible, eloquent response. Then the first round of negotiation complete, you hang up the phone, and shout out loud I did it! I got the part! I’m a Vice President! I’m pregnant (hopefully not all three at once).

Doesn’t that feel great to imagine that scenario over and over in your mind throughout the day? And before you go to sleep seeing it happen once more so that you rest with positive images of what you want to feel flowing through your body.

But this is a powerful and eloquent way to deal with the waiting period. There is in life always a choice for how you approach it. You could spend the time worrying, drinking a bottle of wine every night, eating cookies and chips in the afternoons because you’re so worried and stressed out about getting the part or the job. You could be so stressed out and worried that you can’t sleep and are a pain in the ass to deal with because you’re so sleep deprived and crabby. You could literally make yourself sick with worry and constantly think about all the things you could have/should have done better or different. It will wear you down quickly. And when you get the call, what shape will you be in to accept the new challenge? Are you exemplifying the picture of what you want to be in the new movie or job?

Given the two options to choose from, option number one is always more empowering regardless of the end result. If you don’t get the answer when you wanted it to come, get focused on something fun and creative. Don’t pace, don’t worry and above all don’t be a pest to the person who will be the bearer of the news you’re waiting for. Understand that you’re traveling this journey called life and everything happens for a reason.

If you didn’t get the lead role in this move, it wasn’t the right time or role for you. Look for the next door that is opening and be ready to walk through it for this door leads you to exactly where you need to go and you’ll arrive just in time for where you are supposed to be that brings you success, happiness and fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Do you stress out when you’re waiting? What can you do to be a more patient waiter? Share your ideas from reading this article.


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