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What You Take in Can Take You Out

May 21, 2014

By Lori Hanson

Do you watch the news? Do you get sucked in to all the headlines glaring at you when you open your web browser?  With all the avenues of social media there are now many ways for you to be subjected to news and information. All of that quickly becomes an overload to your brain, body and system.

What you read, think about, talk about, worry about and stress about has a serious impact on you and the results you get and the condition of your life. Do you remember a time when you sat down to your computer in a great mood and then you opened the browser and you saw a news story that felt like it just punched you in the gut? You didn’t even have to read the story, just the title and picture were enough to create a serious turn in your day.

I stopped watching the news years ago because I didn’t like going to bed on a negative wave of energy. But now it’s more challenging to ignore all the negativity that’s being thrown at you from every angle.

We are surrounded in energy both positive and negative. Whether you lean on the post of positive energy or kneel at the throne of negativity, it will impact your mood, attitude and trajectory. Negativity will affect your posture. If you’re confident and happy it’s easy to be upright. When you’re carrying a heavy load of negative information and thoughts you’ll have more of a tendency to slump, grump and be unhappy.

Our thoughts are just like little workers. What we think about, talk about and spend our energy on magnifies, you’ll see more and more of whatever you are taking in and processing. When the magnifying glass is on negativity it can take you out of enjoying a wonderful day full of great energy. Move the magnifying glass of awareness over to read the good stories, to share positive, inspirational information and listen to things that make you smile.

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