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Whistle While You Work?

December 18, 2014

Last week I watched an interview with Meryl Streep with David Letterman. Watching it made me feel good because Meryl was bubbly and laughing throughout the conversation. As I watched I started to think about it. In interviews she is typically very upbeat, displays a great sense of humor and zest for life. Then I thought of Julia Roberts because she too seems to have a great sense of humor and displays her big smile when on the late night talk shows.

Now I don’t know either of these ladies personally, but what I see in their interviews are natural reactions to conversations. And what caught my attention is how happy they appear to be. Now before you start saying, “Well sure, if I had that kind of money I’d be happy too,” it’s more than that. My theory is that because their work is entrenched in their creative side and they get to create and be characters they aren’t as…um constrained as business women who are task driven. And I’m including myself in this.

When you’re driven by your To Do List it’s easy to forget about having fun. We’re here to appreciate life, have fun, and be successful fulfilling our life’s purpose. But as we grow up, and I’ve shared this many times, we take on all the opinions, guidance and expectations of others and we get stiff or rigid…some are even, wait for it…controlling!

One thing I work on with a lot of my clients is getting back in touch with that little girl who knew how to use her imagination to have fun. Remember when you were little and the sky was the limit? You could imagine yourself being or doing anything you wanted to. And that my friend is what goes missing in the busy, working woman world of today.

Make a promise to yourself to lighten up and find the laughter in your world and enjoy giggling a little more. The freedom will do you good.

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