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What You Say Says About You (Weekly Tip)

June 30, 2015

The headlines are hard to ignore with all the trappings of the internet and social media. Sometimes it’s a race to see who got themselves in hot water and who the media (or public) is out to slaughter today.

It seems that in the world we live in today, “we,” like to build people up—and then destroy them quickly if we see one small chink in the armor. Wow – not a very forgiving culture of “humans” are we?

I can’t stomach it very often, but occasionally I’ll read an article, or a post online and scroll down to see the comments. It varies from the supportive, to the destructive, to the mildly and outrageously incoherent person that adds posts. It’s especially entertaining when two individuals decide to fight with each other in the posts below (not really).

It’s so easy to throw stones at a glass house when no one can see you because you’re hidden behind your computer, phone or tablet. You may or may not have an avatar or name that shows anything about you personally, and that seems to be the magic wand that makes it okay to be outright nasty to people you may not even know.

So how did we get here again? The fact that the “common person” can comment on the sayings and doings of a celebrity or public figure is interesting enough, but where this has led to is discouraging.

I have no intent on entering into a political discussion, but my observation today is the The Donald (Trump) has gotten himself in hot water with the general public for things he’s said. He claims, he’s just being honest but he’s being called out for racist remarks. So NBC pulled his pageant shows…his response? He compared himself to Brian Williams who didn’t tell the truth, when he was after all just stating facts.

When I read the article about NBC cutting ties I did wonder for a moment how many votes that will get him on his campaign to be President.

Then there’s Novak Djokovic who feels he’s being wrongly pursued for illegal coaching during a tennis match, because “everybody does it.”

I’m over simplifying just a bit, but the point is that what you say says a lot about you. And these days it seems much of what we say, type, text, post or email is captured in the books (servers) forever.

Do you think before you speak or text or email someone? Is it something you’re okay with having on permanent record? Think twice, and then…say something nice!

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