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You CAN Do it With Your Eyes Closed (Weekly Tip)

July 7, 2015

It’s no secret; I’m intrigued and fascinated by the human brain. I’m a positive thinker and know personally the benefits of having a positive attitude and mindset vs. those I know who pick the other route. And where there is social or scientific proof–that’s the fun part.

There’s a show called Brain Games that airs on the National Geographic channel that I soak up like a sponge. I’ve mentioned it before because there are so many intriguing things I learn from watching it.

One of the latest shows was on positive thinking. I was of course all over it and anxious to see what experiments they performed. Positive reinforcement is a very powerful thing. Check this out.

They took several volunteers and had them attempt to hit ten free throws on the basketball court. They used the number of baskets scored as a baseline. One girl made zero baskets, one guy made nine of ten baskets. Here’s when the fun and proof in the pudding came in.

They brought in a crowd of 15-20 people to watch at the girl who made no free throws now attempted to make baskets blindfolded. The crowd was instructed to cheer like crazy whether she made it or not. Can you guess what happened next?

As the girl attempted to make free throws, she again missed them. But the crowd cheered her on loudly like she had sunk the basket with nuthin’ but net. Following this crowd encouragement her blindfold was removed and she again shot more free throws…except this time she made six of ten baskets when she had not made any.

The positive cheering from the crowd encouraged her and gave her confidence that she could make baskets…and armed with that enthusiasm and belief in herself she did!

Visualization, mental practice, positive affirmations are ways you perform things with your eyes closed. And once you’ve done it in your mind—you can execute it in real life. Why? Because they mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or an imagined event.

My friends this is POWERFUL stuff and so much easier to apply that you realize!

So what happened to the guy who made nine of ten baskets? Well, they decided to mess with him. Once blindfolded the crowd had “ohhhh,” and “doh” reactions to his free throws and the crowd convinced him he had missed several. Once the blindfold was removed, he missed many baskets…and kept shaking his head in disbelief at what happened to his skills.

Negativity is a strong pull. Do you listen to those people in your life who tell you that you can’t? Do you hang around with people that wear you out (I call them energy vampires)?

Or like me, do you eliminate the people from your life who are hell bent on pulling you down with negativity? I absolutely hate gossip and listening to people talk negatively about other people they know. It’s not energy I want to take on, nor thoughts I want in my head. I prefer to keep my focus on positive things regardless of what happens (even getting a tooth pulled. Stitches come out today!)

Time after time I am rewarded by the fruits of my positive thoughts and energy. Remember I shared recently I needed to find a new place to live? Rental homes here in Denver are disappearing faster than you can say “abracadabra!”

The closer I got to moving the less homes there were that fit my criteria. But daily I said, “It only takes one home…and my house will find me.” And last week with four weeks to spare it did! This home is better than I was imagining…and it gives me the opportunity to begin to save again and get back into my own home. I never doubted it, and it showed up. Much of manifesting my new home was done with my eyes closed, visualizing and affirming every day.

What can you do with your eyes closed that will bring you closer to realization of a goal, scenario or condition in your life?

The clients who are coaching with me this year have all been blown away by how easy it was to make things happen that they’ve been wanting to do for years…and with the help of Performance Coaching they have hit their goals and are now moving the bar higher and creating bigger ones.

Whether it was:
– finally getting that basement organized and having a garage sale,
– leaving corporate to start their own consulting company,
– losing weight with the Learn2Balance cleanse (that they hadn’t been able to lose for 10+ years) and finding new energy and zest for life,
– learning to become a professional speaker or
– realizing their dream of building a new business and teaching yoga…incredible things are happening through our Performance Coaching programs!

So why are you waiting? What’s been your excuse for why things you want haven’t happened? You’ll never realize your biggest goals when you’re stuck in excuses of why you “can’t.” How would you like to have everything you want in life delivered to your doorstep? Are you ready to realize your FULL potential?

Email me today and schedule your complimentary first session. I reward people who take action, so I’m offering a moving special, when you enroll in one of my Performance Caching programs before July 30th you’ll save 15% on your investment to a future you’ve only been dreaming of. Call (720-346-4640) or email now, let’s create your new reality.

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