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I See Butterflies (Weekly Tip)

July 14, 2015

I’m surrounded. Really, I am—in the past two weeks I have seen more butterflies than I have in my entire life! They are near me when I take my daily walk, there are numerous visitors in my backyard and I’ve had several fly right up to me when I’ve been outside packing.

That might not seem like such a big deal to you, but as I’m in the midst of a transition in my life it makes me smile. Seeing the result of the metamorphosis of my passage through a difficult time in life and suddenly seeing butterflies everywhere reminds me that I’m on track and things are getting better.

Notice that seeing butterflies is different than “feeling,” butterflies! I’m not nervous at all. I’m very excited because I’ve learned how to once again let go and allow the answer I’m looking for to show up in my life. It makes things so much less stressful. Several of my coaching clients are baffled at how things came together once I let go. But therein lies part of the secret. When you stop forcing things to go the way you want or need them to—your life can flow.

Do you see butterflies? How often to you stop to observe the beauty that Mother Nature has put right in front of you? If you’re like most people I know, you’re so busy on your mission to conquer the To Do list that you might not even notice the butterfly until it lands on your nose, and that would be a serious lack of opportunity to be in the moment.

Making a transition from the equivalent of a cocoon where you can’t see the future and haven’t a clue how things will work out, to breaking free into a beautiful new form of yourself and exploring everything around you is a powerful experience. I seriously doubt that caterpillars are stressed out while in their cocoons wondering what is happening to them and where it will take them! Yet, humans in the midst of transition that can’t see or control the end result do. They stress out, act out and take it out on themselves or others.

What if you view your next “unknown,” as time to strengthen your wings before you break out of the cocoon? What if you just let the happy ending unfold for you? Even if you don’t think it’s a happy ending when it happens, in time you’ll see and know the benefit and be able to appreciate the journey.

Here’s to beautiful butterflies! May you appreciate your journey wherever it takes you this week.

Coach Lori
The Performance Coach for Business Women
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