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Collaboration is Critical to Success (Weekly Tip)

July 21, 2015

I’ve been very independent since I was around 4 years old. I always enjoyed playing alone, riding my bike alone, having my own room and doing my own thing. As an adult, I’ve taken numerous vacations alone and had a blast. It’s a trait that has served me well in many areas of my life through the years.

As I grew older I started to see that the best benefits didn’t always come from being a do-it-yourselfer. I observed how other people became successful and reached their goals and dreams—and while many appear to do it on their own, there is typically a team at work.

In individual sports there appears to be one person who wins. But whether a race car driver, a golfer winning his second major (congratulations Zach Johnson!) or a tennis player you hear the word “we” in the thank you speech. Why? One person just doesn’t have all the answers (even though some of you might think you do!).

You’ll improve your odds at being successful whether a business owner, corporate executive or professional climbing the ladder when you surround yourself with people who are great at skills you’re lacking. A pack leader who is confident and comfortable knows that the best way to succeed is to build strength in every position of the team. With a strong team you have backups when a team member is down and can’t pull their weight.

I’ve observed (and worked for) many an insecure manager, boss or owner who didn’t get this concept. It’s actually comical if you think about it to watch someone who won’t let anyone in, won’t ask for or accept help, and insists on doing it all alone. It’s a recipe for pain, exhaustion and failure…it certainly doesn’t build the foundation for enjoying the success from being the best you can be.

Are you a good collaborator? Do you know when it’s beneficial to you and your cause to ask other members of the team to carry out a task (work or family)? Your ego makes it’s easy to have blind spots and not realize you’re stunting your momentum because ego tells you that you have to be good at everything and handle it yourself. I got great advice in my early thirties that helped wake me up, “Lori, you’ve got to stop killing your own snakes, let someone help you.”

Coach Lori
The Performance Coach for Business Women
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