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I’ve Been Riding the Waves

August 11, 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks, did you notice? There are a few people who contact me when I don’t get a weekly tip out who tell me they miss it. It’s always good to know you are reading!

The past two weeks were more than a bit chaotic with the move and the fact that I scheduled a speech for the Castle Rock Chamber, Women of Influence Quarterly Luncheon three days before I moved. In the end it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was able to leave the chaos of boxes and empty rooms for the thing I enjoy most – speaking. We had a great turn out, the women seemed to be soaking up the message and it felt like my first welcome to my new neighborhood.

The old project management skills were alive and well during the process of the move. I had a schedule of what I needed to pack when and by the night before the movers showed up I was ready. Everything was packed. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep because this move represents my life beginning to blossom again, something I’ve missed. As I’ve shared, my journey has been more than a bit difficult the past few years and it is wonderful to feel the light at the end of the tunnel begin to envelop me.

Remember that I shared I was surrounded by butterflies for a couple of weeks before I moved? Well they are still hanging out with me. There are several that have been here at my new place to welcome me. I’m serious! They stop on the pavement in front of me. They fly right by my shoulder; it’s amazing and such a confirmation to me of being on the right path.

During this move because of the intensity of the journey, my fuel tank was on “E.” You didn’t get a weekly tip because there was just nothing I had to give you. This is something women tend to forget, sometimes you just have to look out for #1 and take care of yourself, even if everything doesn’t get done…and just like the sign in my office, “Let EVERYTHING be okay.”

The lesson? I was okay with it. I didn’t feel guilty about it and I knew once I got settled I would have more go power to reach out and share some inspiration with you. You see I can’t live in a partial state of boxes and disarray. Some of you may think I’m nuts and that’s okay, but one week later to the day, all boxes are unpacked, all pictures are hung and I “live,” in my new place.

I did take a couple of days off and I’ll admit I worked with the intensity of a maniac, but I know what I need to be productive and it is order, calm and lack of chaos. (I am a walking bruise from carrying boxes, moving things where I wanted them and putting together my new desk!)

One of the things that always amuses me is the thought process, where my head goes when I can’t move something by myself, or I’m not sure what the directions are saying about the next step. But true to the words I share with you on a regular basis, I don’t go to “I can’t do it,” instead I get really creative and figure out some way to get what I want to happen done. And I do it. A bit of resolve, a lot of belief and the gift of tenacity and creative thinking pull me through.

I know that by kicking my level of energy into high gear and staying with the tasks at hand even when I’m tired, that I can be done with it in a few short days. I’ve been exhausted more than not during the past week, but last night with everything complete I felt the peace and tranquility of having my new place all set up, order was restored and my brain started to engage with work once again. This morning I got back into my daily routine and enjoyed my early morning walk I had missed for several days. Walks always center and ground me.

Do you know when to let go and what you need to push and function at your highest? Sometimes the answer will surprise you. And when you’re working harder than usual, you’ve got to take a break to give your body and brain time to recover. Remember, it’s a journey – not a sprint, there is no finish line.

Enjoy your idiosyncrasies, whatever they are because you know the structure you need to follow in order to succeed. Be YOU! Even if other people think you’re weird. That’s one of the best compliments you can get because it is a true sign of individuality and authenticity, and a much better base to live by than EGO worrying about what other people think, isn’t it?

Coach Lori The Performance Coach for Business Women

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