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The Magic of Manifestation (Weekly Tip)

September 15, 2015

It was totally surreal. The first steps I took on the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York felt like I was in a vivid dream. As I walked closer to Arthur Ashe court where my seat awaited me, I stopped, took a deep breath and soaked up the “it’s here, now” reality of the moment. A magical moment of manifestation.

I grew up watching tennis as a young girl with my family. I never miss watching an open event and am an Fountainavid fan to this day. About five years ago, I made the decision to go to the US Open in New York. I carefully pasted a photo of Ashe court and a tennis ball with the words “US Open,” on it on my vision board that year, and the next, and the following year, and the one after that, and again this year.

I spent many a morning and night time visualizing the experience. Feeling the excitement of watching the top tennis pros in the world, and of course Rafa Nadal whose top on my list, play live. I spoke to people beside me and made new friends, I went to a wonderful vegan restaurant in New York, did some shopping and stayed in an awesome hotel. I used my imagination to make this experience as real as I could, over and over again for over five years.

This year, the opportunity to go was there and I made my plans and purchased my tickets. Since I grew up in Chicago, I love big cities. I haven’t spent a lot of time in New York, but always leave with the desire to go back and this was no exception. The energy of the big city has a level of excitement you just don’t get in suburbia.

CP 3I spent a lot of time in Central Park and even walked the whole thing one morning. I love the diversity of people in the park and got to greet a few dogs too. I made new friends, ate at a wonderful vegan restaurant…but didn’t get to see Rafa Nadal in person because he lost the night I arrived. But I met and got to hand out with Owen Davidson who won thirteen doubles titles, (8 with Billie Jean King) and got the scoop on many of my favorite players. That was a bonus I didn’t have in my visualization! Then I walked right by Karl Lagerfeld in front of The Plaza Hotel.

CP 2Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because it started as a little, “Man it would be cool to go to the US Open,” and with a burning desire, I transformed it from a passing thought into a reality. I stayed away from all of the reasons I couldn’t go and focused on what it would feel like to be there. I didn’t let the cost deter me, or the fact that I had no one to go with stop me. I continually focused my imagination on how much fun I would have—and I did! It was incredible.

Many times during my trip I stopped, took a few breaths and soaked in the experience. I wanted to make sure I enjoyed every moment that I had spent over five years dreaming of, planning for and believing I would do.

The magic of manifestation is simple; but it’s easy to make it difficult. If you get caught up in all the reasons you “can’t,” find a better job, or relationship or place to live, or why you’ll never go on the European vacation you’d love to experience—you’ll never see it when you start with can’t.

#1 – You’ve gotta dream

#2 – You’ve gotta believe

#3 – You’ve gotta be passionate about bringing your dream into reality

#4 – You’ve gotta be consistent and use your imagination every day to make it feel real

#5 – You’ve gotta let go of the outcome…the when and the how—and just ask yourself “Why not?”

Lori courtWhat’s your dream? What’s your next big goal? How much of your excitement, passion and imagination are you investing in manifesting it? Step this way, follow the path I’ve shared with you and join me in manifesting the little and BIG experiences or goals you want to realize. I love my life! Do you love yours?

Lori Hanson
High Performance Strategies for Serious Success

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