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What Does it Take to be Special?

September 22, 2015

Have you ever felt special? Was it a place you visited, something you accomplished, a person you were with or some type of recognition (like an Emmy award) that gave you the feeling? It’s a pretty awesome to feel special isn’t it?

What if you felt that way more often? I mean, what if you could create more “feeling special,”—would you do it?

Unfortunately, I know that if I asked the opposite question there would be many more readers that would raise their hand and tell me that in fact, there were many times in their lives they were meant to feel average, not good enough and put down compared to someone else. I was in sales in Corporate for over twenty years; I know what it’s like to have “The #1 salesperson,” in your face and how it can dampen your efforts. I also know that the level to which I allowed it to bother me affected my results in reaching my quota. It was self-induced and a waste of energy.

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who recently passed was this, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I can personally vouch for the truth in that! I’ve been on both sides of the fence, viewing something as not being good enough, and even feeling like a victim to someone or something that happened.

But I was fortunate to discover the secret of focusing on positive things, expecting the best results and shifting my focus whenever I was obsessing and in a negative place. For more than forty years my obsession was how awful my body was…when I finally made the conscious choice to focus on other things I wanted, my body responded as I knew it would. It because a non-issue and I’m in the best shape and level of fitness I’ve ever been in.

You can’t blame your “issues” on people or things outside of yourself. YOU have the choice what you think about, YOU have the choice what you say to yourself and YOU have the choice what you say to other people. It’s all you, accept responsibility for it—and by all means, if you don’t like what you see or where you are in life, reset your GPS in a different direction.

One of my clients shared something with me last week that impressed me so much I told my nine year old niece about it this weekend. My client’s daughter introduces herself to people by saying, “Hi I’m Samantha and I’m awesome!” (Not her real name.) She’s not cocky about it, she just owns it. I know some of my readers have forgotten to own what’s special about you, because you’re so wrapped up in what other people think, what they’ll say and how they will respond if…

What if you tried this introduction this week, “Hi, I’m ______ and I’m awesome!” Then just ask their name and continue the conversation. Wouldn’t that make you feel special? Wouldn’t that boost your confidence?

My morning ritual of writing at least ten things I’m grateful for makes me feel special. It also makes me feel special that now when my young niece comes to visit she asks where the gratitude rock is so she can hold it and say what she’s grateful for before we hit the pillows. She expects it when she’s here, because it’s something I do.

So there it is, the doing and the viewing of being special. You get to experiment with both! Right now I’m feeling really special when I think of all the people who will read my Weekly Tip and be inspired by it. Do share your stories and experience, I love hearing from you.

Lori Hanson
High Performance Strategies for Serious Success

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