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Weekly Prep Makes Success a Snap

September 29, 2015

Do you struggle to prepare and eat healthy meals during the week? Are you always running late, not hungry in the morning and ravenous when you get home at night? I hear this from a lot of women and I’ve helped clients who swore to me they couldn’t eat breakfast discover the secret to changing their beliefs to create better productivity and keep their blood sugar more in balance.

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage…”failing to plan is planning to fail.” It’s true in so many ways and especially when it comes to giving your body the high-grade whole food it needs to function at its best. And it really isn’t as difficult to shift the pattern as you may think.

When I lived in Southern California I had the blessing of shopping and buying 80% of what I ate at a local farmer’s market. I bought whatever was in season and ate rich, wonderful luscious fruits and vegetables. This wasn’t the type of farmer’s market that was half full of crafts, jams and jellies…this was three rows full of fresh produce.

Once I opened the door from the garage to the kitchen and put down the 6-8 bags of fresh produce it didn’t make sense to just put it in the fridge. I knew that if I had to things out and clean them before I fixed a meal it wouldn’t get done. So I started the Sunday ritual of food prep. I washed all my fruits and vegetables in my high alkaline water to remove the critters and anything else that shouldn’t be there. (Fresh food lasts a good 7-10 days longer when washed with high alkaline water.)

Food PrepThen after washing, I chopped the broccoli, turnips, green beans, etc., and put them into ziplock bags with a paper towel in the bottom to absorb the moisture. I washed my kale, lettuce and other greens and put them into bags as well. This started my “no excuses,” meal planning. When I finished a long day of work, it was easy to pull out whatever I wanted to eat and make a salad, cook stir fry or steam my veggies.

The other thing I did depending on the season was to cook up some greens and grains and soak any beans and nuts that I want for the week. In the winter I’d make a crockpot of stew or soup, in summer months I often cooked red or gold beets. The whole process was 60-90 minutes at most and when I was done I had food ready for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. The ritual continues today.

If I have a lot of appointments during the week, I make sure I’ve got ingredients for my raw green smoothies to take with me, or a protein bar. I’ve always wanted to make my own bars and recently I found a wonderful recipe to make “superfood” green energy bars with spirulina. They take less than 20 minutes to mix up.

Have I peaked your interest yet? Are you still stuck on the “I don’t have time,” channel? Remember, you have time for whatever you prioritize. How different would your days be if you planned food in advance? How much better would you feel if you filled your fuel tank in the morning with high-grade fuel vs. running around on one gallon of gas (coffee or sugar)?

The other wonderful benefit of planning and eating whole foods is you get gorgeous, colorful meals loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Check out the kale and sweet potato combo I made yesterday, pretty colorful! You’ve only got one body to live this life with—it will serve and support you much better when you give it high-performance fuel.

Coach Lori
High Performance Strategies for Serious Success

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