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Believing is Seeing

October 13, 2015

That’s not the way you’ve always heard it, huh? I’m here as living proof to tell you it’s true. For starters, if you don’t believe something can happen, you sure as hell aren’t going to see it happen! Let me share something recent that proves that believing is seeing.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Brussels, Belgium. It was a short trip, leaving on Sunday and flying back on Saturday. As soon as I say that, you’re already thinking about major jet lag right? But before I left I made the decision that I would adapt quickly to the 8 hour time difference once I landed in Brussels. No questions asked.

Others that were traveling where stressing out about the length of the flight, the jet lag, how hard it was going to be and I just knew in my mind it would be easy. One of my biggest challenges when traveling is finding enough healthy food since I don’t eat meat, dairy, bread, pasta or anything with white flour, or use processed sugar or consume alcohol.

We arrived just after midnight Denver time, 8:30 am in Brussels. Once I found my driver I was engrossed in the beauty of seeing the city full of historical buildings and places that we do not have here in the states! I had time to do some sight-seeing before digging into the meetings I was there to attend. I took a short nap that first afternoon and when I awoke, I felt human again after being up for over 24 hours.

I slept soundly the first night and set my alarm an hour early to rise in time to meditate and get grounded before I started my day. I slept well every night, I woke early to meditate every morning, it wasn’t a big deal. Others on the trip were complaining about waking up at 2 am, being awake half the night and struggled with their energy.

One reasons that contributed to my easy transition is what and when I was eating. I took lots of nuts, seeds and protein bars. Others were indulging in heavier foods,  eating lots of those luscious looking Belgian Chocolates and having alcohol with dinner. Quality of fuel makes a big difference.

Coming back I had the same mindset, that I would adjust easily. There was a smidge of curiosity in my mind as to whether I could swing 8 hours forward and back 8 hours in less than a week, but I pushed the thought aside. Within a day I was back on Denver time.

If I hadn’t believed I could do it, there’s now way it would have happened! In order to create something the way you want it to happen in your life, Believing is (the key to) Seeing!

PS It’s not every day you have a royal palace in your backyard! View from my 24th floor room in the hotel.


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