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Work Like Your Dog

October 20, 2015

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a dog…but I know many of my readers do! I read a book many years ago with this title and loved it. This was back in the day when I was still a raging Type A attempting to control everything and everyone in my life. One of the main themes of the book is observing how dogs adapt to meet our demands, our schedules and our idiosyncrasies.

Dogs, like many of my readers are creatures of habit. Routine is king in a dog’s life. But what happens if you wake them up early to take a walk? Within 2 minutes they’re ready to go, right? What if you take them to a different dog park to play? Within a minute or two they are off exploring and socializing with all the girls and boys at the dog park, right? Unless, of course you have an alpha on your hands, then they are spraying, possibly growling and maybe even using other dominant behaviors to let all the other canines know there is a new sheriff in town. Again, adapting…

I saw a video yesterday of a dog wearing a gopro camera while his owners were gone. First he ran from window to window, whining slightly and looking to see where they went. Then he went into the bedroom, back out to check the front windows and into the bedroom again where he jumped on the bed. He laid his head down momentarily and then let out a howling cry. After two to three more howls, he laid his head down and resigned to waiting until the owner came home. Alas, they left him home and he adapted.

Life is much less stressful when you adapt instead of putting your sword in the sand and holding our ground. What if life has other plans for you that you’re not even aware of yet? This happens regularly whether you realize it or not – if you’re fighting it you’re wondering why your life isn’t working. If you’re tuned in to your internal guidance system (intuition) you’ll see that at times you’ll pulled in a different direction then where you intended to go.

My kids creatively adapting at dinner time back in Cali

My kids creatively adapting at dinner time back in Cali

Just one year ago today my life was not at all where I imagined myself to be. Life felt hard, money was scarce and I couldn’t see where positive change would come from. But I knew something it would change, and I kept watching for the shift that would rescue me from drowning. And it did, a big opportunity arrived that completely shifted everything in my world. Throughout the process I was adaptable, I didn’t fight being at the lowest point in my life even though it was quite humbling and painful because I knew it was just part of my journey.

Now I get to return the favor. My parents are moving back to Colorado from California. I wanted to help them get organized and pack but the timing didn’t work out. Then today I realized that if I just moved my upcoming dental surgery I could go and help them and lift a huge load from their shoulders. I feel so much better knowing I can be there to literally do the heavy lifting for them. It changed my schedule and what I had planned that week, but it just means I’ll be working from California vs. Colorado and hey, I’m adaptable.

Can you even spell adaptable? If you have to be in control, it might be difficult for you—I know I was there. Think about where can you be more adaptable in your life, where you can let go and ride the waves. It relieves stress, makes you smile and will make your day flow with ease. If you’re not sure where to start, schedule a complimentary session with me and I’ll be happy to give you an assist.

Lori Hanson
Keynote Speaker & Performance Coach
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