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Do You Like Your Reality?

October 27, 2015

It’s not a trick question—and it is a fair question. Because if you don’t like your current reality you have a choice about whether to continue in it or not. Think I’m crazy? Ah, but surely you jest.

Your current reality is nothing more than where you’re been focusing your thoughts and emotions. What you wake up thinking about, what you go to bed and worry or dream about, and the powerful feelings associated with these thoughts and emotions.

I still remember the first time it was suggested to me that I didn’t have to accept reality. “What?! You’ve got to be kidding me, this is what’s real, what’s happening. How can you say that? The economy is terrible, and money is tight.” Or so I thought to myself.

But over the years since the concept was first introduced to me, I’ve learned over and over how powerful a choice we have on whether or not to accept the “reality” that is currently in our lives. To take it a step further as author Lynn Grabhorn says, “Never accept reality, unless it’s one you like!”

People often grade reality with a long list of excuses that validate why their reality sucks. How about you? How often to you go to bed in a peaceful state and how often do you go to bed worrying about something? What is on your mind at the time you go to sleep is what your subconscious mind will be working on all night long. And when you wake up, that dominant thought is typically present again, isn’t it?

That’s because your subconscious mind (aka autopilot) can only act on the images it sees, it does not analyze. It reacts to the images you feed it with worry, stress or peacefulness.

What if you swapped out the worry, anxiety and stress and traded it in for five to ten minutes of magical, creative imagination before bed? Over time those thoughts and images you previously thought to unattainable, suddenly become reachable. What you thought was too big of a goal is now something you can break into smaller pieces and see yourself achieving.

In short order you can affect your current reality, but focusing on the reality you want. And doing it repeatedly. You’ll be bringing your desired reality it not only into focus, but…into reality.

Don’t like your financial situation? Is your brain full of beliefs that limit your ability to make money? You can create more wealth by imaging how you would spend it every night before you sleep. See yourself easily paying the bills, booking that wonderful European vacation you’ve wanted to take for years and donating to your favorite charity because you have an extra $500 per month to give. How does that feel?

In an unhappy relationship? Want a higher paying job? A mentor for a boss? More friends…a healthier body? Evaluate the beliefs that cloud your imagination—your best kept secret to achievement. Create a clear picture of what your life looks like with your new reality, run it like a movie in your head and sleep on it. Amazing things will happen. Perception = reality.

Coach Lori

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