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Wealth and Money

November 3, 2015

Today I made my niece laugh really hard. I told her I have a chance to adopt two Malamutes, a brother and sister, and I told her I’m thinking of naming one Wealth and the other Money. That way I can call them to me, tell them to sit and stay! I thought it was an ingenious idea!!

Think of all the times a day I would call what I want to myself. I would be asking for what I want figuratively (with love I might add), which would give me a positive thought about money and wealth every time I said it.

As funny as that sounds, it’s a great way to keep what you want top of mind.
Mix it with a large serving of gratitude and you’ve just created a powerful recipe for attracting what you want.

Depending on your beliefs and level of comfort about money, you could potentially think this is a terrible thing. How could I possibly speak openly about wanting to be wealthy? Money is the root of all evil! Your mind may immediately race to all of those unhealthy beliefs about money that were programmed into you as a young child. The very things that hold you back now from having more.

What did you think when you read the title of this Weekly Tip?
Did you have a positive or negative response to the words?
It’s worth contemplating because the response is buried deep in your subconscious programming.

So I’ll tell you why I want to attract wealth and money:

  1. To quickly pay off debt incurred by starting my own business that really pulled me down.
  2. Because there are a lot of animals and arts programs that need my help. In order to contribute at a level where I can really make a difference and be a philanthropist, I need to be wealthy.
  3. To take my message and my business to the next level and reach more business women who need and want what I have to offer.
  4. Lastly, there are many places on this planet I want to take my nieces and nephews to visit. Many golf courses I want to play and a life to live fully.

I’m okay with a goal set around making more money, because it’s not about the money—it’s about what the money will allow me to do. Having more money will allow me to make an impact on this planet, to help people and animals on it. And that would create a legacy I can be proud of.

Oh, and don’t worry, my dogs will have names that fit them when I bring them home. But I just created a powerful visual that makes me laugh and carries great energy which connects me to what I want in a very positive way every time I think of it.

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts.
Positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts.
What station do you tune into?

Coach Lori

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