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Seize the Opportunity!

December 1, 2015

Did you know that indecision is a sign of low self-esteem? Think about it—could that be right, or could it be BS? You could vacillate on it for a while and analyze it after that until…well you get my point.

You snooze, you lose. Your opportunity might have just passed you by while you were over analyzing whether you should take advantage of the opportunity or not.

The cool thing about being decisive is, you make a decision and you get feedback based on the outcome. Then you can make adjustments based on the feedback you receive from your decision. The more you are decisive and take the bull by the horns, the faster you’ll be moving forward in your life. And that means you’re reaching your goals and dreams more quickly.

I’ve shared with you before that I live totally by gut. When I was younger, and had little self-esteem I was horrible about making decisions. But the more you trust your gut, just like a muscle, the stronger it gets.

Remember my weekly tip about Wealth and Money a few weeks ago? I shared with you that there was a possibility I could adopt two dogs. I haven’t had a dog for two years since I lost my beautiful Sasha to pancreatic cancer at only six years old. It’s been incredibly painful to live sans dog. (I’ve done some crazy shit just to get to pet a dog when I’m  out and about or walking. But dog people understand.)

I’ve attempted to rescue Malamutes several times and the adoption places were typically slow to respond and not all that helpful. This time was different. I heard back the same afternoon…and over the course of a few emails it was obvious to me that these guys were my new pack. There was no indecision, there was a lot of synchronicity around the entire process that even the gal who was fostering them noted with excitement as she wanted to keep them together.

So I headed off to California for two weeks, knowing that the day after I got back I would drive to North Platte, Nebraska to meet the foster mom halfway and pick up Wealth and Money. Okay, I didn’t really name them that!

I didn’t tell anyone in my family as my plan was to have them arrive for Thanksgiving and find out (hence I couldn’t share this news last week as they would read it). I did surprise them!

I’ve named them Niko (left) and Kiska (right). They are adapting much more quickly than I expected. They are six, the same age Sasha was when I lost her. And although you typically think adopting a one year old dog would be awesome so you’d have them for most of their years. These two litter mates lost their home after a divorce and I felt a connection to them right away.

I’m in love again! It’s incredible to have a new pack of doggies to walk and talk to again. We’ve had snow ever since they arrived and Niko loves it most when I come outside to play with them. Kiska is the life of the party and ready for anything. They are so sweet and loving…oh, and HUGE.

If I had not seized the opportunity to send an email right away that day, I wouldn’t have them. The foster mom got my email right before she was going out to take down their listing because no one was a good fit. She was going to attempt to make it work with her cats. Niko (rightfully so) was sure her cats would make a good appetizer and with young children it was pretty stressful for her.

Seize the opportunity to go for your dreams, to set bigger goals in 2016! If you decide not to take action, you’ve still made a choice. Can you afford the cost of inaction or indecision in your life?

Take action today, decide to reach out for the BIG goals in 2016, the one(s) that’s been scaring you. That’s what Performance Coaching is all about, helping you take action on what scares you, or reaching for what you want, when you don’t know where to start.

Coaching spots for 2016 are almost full. We’ve added several new clients in November. Email today – you can set the goals to create the life you’ve been wishing for in 2016.

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