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Lori Hanson with Yager and Sasha

Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach, Award-Winning Author

Lori Hanson spent thirty years climbing the ladder in Corporate America, and although she enjoyed financial success and loyal clients, it was never enough. When health issues led to a new journey that brought healing from bulimia and the addictive behaviors she used to numb out, she wrote her first book. Then she left corporate to pursue her passion of being a motivational speaker.

Performance Coach

A Performance Coach for Business Women, she founded Learn2Balance and inspires female executives through her transformational coaching programs and women’s retreats. Much more than a life or business coach, Lori integrates holistic nutrition and mindset to build the foundation for success. Clients learn to unclutter their lives, find their voice and lead their “pack(s)” confidently.

Award-Winning Author 

Now the author of five books, Lori shared personal stories and teaches strategies for heart-centered leadership through her latest books, Stress Survival Kit for the Alpha Female and The Change 7. Lori has appeared on radio and television programs internationally and has been featured in numerous national publications including Essence, New Living, Wellness Women over 40 and more.

Keynote Speaker

Lori is one of the nation’s most sought-after women’s keynote speakers. She speaks for women’s conferences, corporations, wellness events, management and sales meetings. She tackles the “guilt trip” topics and makes it easier to laugh at life and feel gratitude for where you’re at.

 To learn more about Lori Hanson visit Learn2Balance or email her

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