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Two Words to Keep Top of Mind

December 22, 2015

What do you do to keep inspired, to keep your attitude positive which in turn keeps your life GPS pointed in a healthy direction? Whether you are aware of it right now or not, you have dominant thoughts. You know, the ones you go to sleep thinking about, and when you awake they are right there again saying “Hey, I kept these warm for you all night, here you go!” For many people those thoughts are filled with anxiety, worry and stress.

By being conscious about what thoughts dominate your head it’s easy to see why at times you need to flush out the radiator of your brain and give it a tune up.

Here are two powerful words that are dominant in my every day thoughts. My hope is that you’ll consider adding them to your early morning and late evening thoughts, and even sprinkle them throughout your day.

GRATITUDE – one thing I love to do that helps me keep a word top of mind is to build an acronym.

G – rateful to have you as one of my readers
R – eady to take on new and bigger challenges in 2016
A – llow answers and new ideas to come to me
T – ime to reflect on my life and personal growth this year
I – nspired by what I’ve seen my clients accomplish this year!
T – aking inventory of my health and habits to see what needs improvement
U – nderstanding what a gift life is and that it is a journey meant to be enjoyed
D – estined for greatness – and owning it
E – xpression is so important for healthy relationships

BELIEVE – another thing I do to keep a positive word top of mind is to create an affirmation.

See the future – what you want to create.
Give yourself permission to attain and have it.
BELIEVE in what you can do.

Merry Christmas!
Coach Lori


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